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Economic governance: Council adopts legal texts

The Council adopted a package of six legislative proposals aimed at strengthening economic governance in the EU – and more specifically in the euro area – as part of the EU’s response to the current turmoil on sovereign debt markets (PE-CONS 28/11, 29/11, 30/11, 31/11, 14615/11, 14616/11, 15996/1/11 REV 1 ADD 1, 15998/11 ADD 1 + […]

Economic governance – not just repairs, but a thorough overhaul

MEPs steering new economic governance laws through Parliament leant their weight Monday to Commission and ECB efforts to stiffen budget rules and sanctions so as to prevent future debt crises in the Eurozone and restart growth. MEPs also proposed changes to enhance accountability and a sense of ownership, which they judge were sorely lacking in […]

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